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What is a Virtual Assistant?


Businesses utilize a virtual assistant (VA) for email marketing, sales leads, and administrative tasks, providing them with the freedom to do what they do best.

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Virtual Assistance Reduces Stress
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About Me

I have taken great pleasure in forming business partnerships that help business owners thrive. 

From start to finish, I ensure your project will succeed with increased visibility and profitability.

With a diverse background in music, film, and construction, together with my most recent experience working with local business owners, I can use my email marketing and sales skills to help you reach your goals.

Following research and implementation, I’ll put together a plan to ensure success with visible results.

Easy-to-implement, client-pleasing email marketing strategies.

Communicating regularly with you, seeking new marketing opportunities, and staying on top of trends are my priorities.

With a creative flair, a keen sales approach and countless hours of strategizing, I have successfully provided digital marketing services across various platforms to clients both virtually and in person.

I’m excited to start working with you.

Let’s discuss how I can help you Lessen Your Workload.


How an Administrative Virtual Assistant Can Help


Email management
Data entry and spreadsheets
Calendar management
Client and competitor research


Hire me as your virtual assistant

Sales Support

Email follow up and response
Initiating phone calls
Appointment setting
CRM Management
Report Creation

Virtual Assistant Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing
Newsletter creation and management
Social media
Content creation, and management
Visual Graphic creations

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Nancy Folgmann Virtual Assistant

What Others Say

Best of the best!

Nancy is the best of the best! She works hard and really puts in the time to make sure that your business is represented in the way you want. I couldn’t think of anyone else that I would want helping me so I could focus on other aspects of my work.

Kathryn Powell

Extensive experience

Nancy has extensive experience promoting artists and marketing products for major corporations. Thanks to her new company, small to medium-sized businesses now have access to the same marketing know-how as the big boys.

Gregg Burkhalter

Likable and honest

I’m inspired by the way Nancy genuinely cares about her business relationships and customers. She has a personality that is so likable and honest. She is also a determined and hard worker!

Courtney Duerig

Working with for over 10 years

Nancy is a professional that I’ve had the opportunity of working with for over 10 years. I’ve always been impressed with her work ethic, her creativity, her willingness, and her skill to problem solve. She finds challenges to be motivating and enjoys expanding her knowledge of various topics, whether through education and/or research. Nancy also embraces diversity as a way of life both professionally and in her personal life. If I was running my own business I would want Nancy on my team!

Jeff Gambill

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